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As a grove, we want to focus on the future because we cannot change the past. As such we challenge all groves and protogroves to agree to the following: We condemn all forms of child abuse, and will work to prevent and report any within our grove. We will actively work to make our gatherings a safe space for all attending.
The Deities of Three Cranes Three Cranes Grove, ADF, generally works in a Gaulish pantheon. At least two feasts per year are done in this tradition, though other hearth cultures may be recognized throughout the year. Some years, we have celebrated the Roman festival of Saturnalia at Yule, while Spring Equinox has generally been … Druid Groups Map. This is a interactive map of public North American Druid Groves and study groups. Compiled using original sources (like order lists), it has current contact information and is updated several times a year. The map includes over 289 groups across 5 countries- so far.

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Defence Finance Group is led by the Chief Finance Officer, Mr Steven Groves, and comprises of two divisions. Budgets and Financial Services Division. The Budgets and Financial Services Division delivers a range of Financial Services encompassing: Regular production of financial data and preparation of annual financial statements; Jennifer Groves Head of Sales - ADF&PCD and PLD Paris Twickenham, United Kingdom 500+ connections. Join to Connect. Easyfairs. About.
Protogroves are the precursor to fully-chartered groves within the ADF organization, and their main responsibility (as with groves) is to provide public rituals for each of the eight High Days of the year. These open rituals are a hallmark of ADF’s approach to Neopagan religion. The summary sort of breezed over the ongoing sexual predation issues the ADF groves have been experiencing. But then again, so too are so many of the pagan organizations. level 2

Aug 01, 2016 · Many groves and protogroves celebrated this last weekend, and more will be celebrating in the days to come. In this edition, we’ve included some links to ADF and non-ADF sites to share how other folks are celebrating this High Day. Jul 25, 2011 · ADF Dedicant Path The ADF Dedicant Path is the first study program that ADF Druids can undertake, and it provides the foundation for all the other academic work that we do. It helps the Dedicant learn about the neo-pagan high days and good sources for continuing their studies, the virtues we observe and how we apply them, and introduces the ...
ADF Groves ADF was founded by Isaac Bonewits , and is divided into semi-autonomous local groups known as groves. Although Bonewits retired from ADF in 1996, and passed away in 2010, his writings and ideals remain as part of the ADF tradition. ADF Initiate Program The ADF Initiate Program is a program designed to provide further training beyond the ADF Dedicant Path. It helps folks build on their knowledge and skills to have a solid liturgical practice, and has a focus on Magic, Divination, Trance, and how they intersect.

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certified ordained clergy; 74 groves (congregations) in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Brazil with members on 6 continents; and numerous festivals held all around the United States and Canada every year. Happy Anniversary, ADF! Kirk Thomas Archdruid, ADF
Interesting blog by Rose about her work on the ADF Dedicants Coursework. Lughnasadh Ritual by Asaka . Lughnasadh Ritual by Llwyn y Ser, The Grove of the Stars . Lughnasadh Ritual: High Days Rituals of the Sonoran Sunrise Grove, ADF, Arizona. Lughnasadh Ritual, Llewellyn Encyclopedia . Lughnasadh Rituals of ADF Groves 5 Rituals are provided. (People become) aware of the Sacred because it manifests itself, shows itself, as something wholly different from the Profane ... In (our) encounters with the Sacred, (we) experience a reality that does not belong to our world yet is encountered in and through objects or events that are part of the world.