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Dave Wilson of Razor's Edge and Richard Barajas of Gotti saw the the need of a changing landscape for the Traditional Pitbull. They both loved the breed, but yet knew that the breed could not continue to be dominated by those who bred the dogs for fighting. Razors Edge was founded by Dave Wilson. He was producing Am Staff Pit Bull crosses and selectively breeding out of those to get a nice clean look. Eventually, once the bully world started taking off, he made unknown crosses for a more extreme look. These are the two more well known Bully bloodlines.
Razor edge pit bulls have been established as their own bully type breed for over 10 years now. The dogs are known to be very mellow and were bred for the purpose of companionship. Many people believe that they are the result of the crossing of the American Pitbull Terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier and some other bulldog lineages. 6 month female razors edge and gotti short and thick great pup good with kids and other animals ukc registered call or text 302 290 4550 2023 total views, 0 today View More Ads

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We have produced Our Blue pitbull puppies from top pit bull bloodlines such as Razors Edge and Gotti line. As a American Bully Pitbull breeders, we specialize in both Blue nose pitbulls for sale as well as Blue fawn, tricolor pitbulls for sale. Razors Edge Pitbulls. The Razors Edge bloodline was created from a lot of different dogs, unlike Gottiline that was based off one dog Razors edge had a large breeding program. Razors Edge was created by Dave Wilson in the 1990’s from quite a few different dogs. We will stick to the main dogs in this article.
The American Bully pitbull is a dog that was originated in America in the late 1980’s. They were bred in Los Angeles California (Gottiline), as well as in Virginia (Razors Edge Pit Bulls). Two of the most popular bloodlines are Gottiline and Razors Edge. PUPPIES ARE READY. Photo is Mom Second Is Dad. Puppies are monster complete blood gotti and razor edge. Some of them are a stunning dark brown(not black). 3rd pic (in cage) are the males 4th pic (in cage) are the ladies. 5 MALES 6 FEMALES Wonderful young puppies. First set of shots have actually been provided and fresh bathe lol thats why they look wet. Serious inquiries only thank you. Checkmate Kennels, the nation’s top American Bully breeder, breeds show quality American Bullies in Atlanta, GA. Our american bullies are bred in a loving environment and cared for by professional breeders. Our dogs are from the Razors Edge and Gotti bloodlines and have the correct structure and temperament for showing.

Mar 11, 2014 · The greyline was a healthier Pit Bull line compared to today’s Gotti Pit Bull as they weren’t overly stocky. They were called greyline Pit Bulls because of their coat coloring of grey and they always came with cropped ears. When purchasing Gotti Pit Bull puppies be sure to do so from a reputable breeder and not backyard breeders. Jun 30, 2011 · images Lets talk Razors edge and gotti razor edge pitbull. ushkand 09-15 10:27 PM For the main applicant (me) under Section: Adjustment a...
Mar 03, 2017 · Razors Edge Pitbulls had been breeding now for a few generations and even used a lot of dogs from other people in the mix. Ron, also had some Pitbulls who were already in the game. This bloodline was created from out crossing “Juan Gotti” to different lines of dams and having the offspring crossed with other offspring this line breeding formed and solidified this line and formed what we know it today. Appearance. The appearance of gotti bred pitbulls is very distinct from every other pitbull bloodline. If you are interested in a well-rounded and ultimate pit bull in all than look no further! We have what you’re looking for. We offer a few different strands of Razors Edge, Gotti and even our very own Pitfall’s line.

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razors edge pitbull World Wide CRUMP’S Kennels produces only the highest quality XL American Bully puppies for sale. We are a family owned and operated American Bully Breeder located in Covington, Georgia. CRUMP’S Kennels can ship your puppy anywhere in World
Mar 03, 2017 · Razors Edge Pitbulls had been breeding now for a few generations and even used a lot of dogs from other people in the mix. Ron, also had some Pitbulls who were already in the game. Founded in 2003 in Racine, Wisconsin, SteelHeadPits emerged from the top American Pitbull Terrier bloodlines in the world. After searching the country, researching the pedigrees of thousands of American pitbull terriers for our foundation blood, we decided on the Greyline, Razors Edge and Goodfellas lines. Mar 03, 2017 · Many pit bull lovers say that they can’t tell the difference between a Razors Edge Pit bull and a Gottiline Pit bull. A trained eye can tell the difference. Their coloring may often have oil...